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A Walk in Winooski VT - #24HCD2020

This weekend I participated in 24 Hour Comic Day -- a challenge to produce a 24 page comic in 24 hours. I picked up my pencil to storyboard at 8:30 am on October 3, and set down my last colored pencil at 8:35 am the next day.

I surprised myself by making it through, and pacing myself so well. I took a few breaks throughout to rest and watch some TV, and squeezed in a nap around 3 am, but I was back up and working by the sunrise. The biggest surprise, though, was not only making it to the coloring phase but completing my colors within the parameters of the event. I was going to give myself time to finish coloring after the 24 hours was up, but I didn't have to!

Anyway, here it is. More like a zine than a comic, it's a guide to wildflowers and other native plants you can find in Vermont.

You can learn more about #24HCD at the official website. A huge thank you to Steph at Words and Pictures VT for hosting an online event for this; I definitely would not have participated if not for this community!

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